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Celebrating Diversity: Interviewing Acme's Women on Equality & Empowerment

In honour of International Women's Day, we at Acme are celebrating the incredible women who make our company thrive. We have asked them about their diverse perspectives and experiences on the topic of equality in the workplace, across their respective fields as well as at Acme.

What or who initially sparked your interest in your current field, and what led you to pursue a career in this area?

Susan, Project Manager: My desire for independence deeply influenced my career choice. Raised by my parents to be self-reliant and strong, I discovered that the role of a solution/project manager provided the self-sufficiency I was looking for, allowing me to lean on my expertise and knowledge to navigate challenges and client interactions while continuously enhancing my skills. This quest for self-improvement and independence fuels my passion for my profession.

Richiell, Head of Operations & HR: With a background in computer engineering/sciences, I took an unexpected turn and became a university professor, dedicating over 10 years to this role. During this time, I honed my skills in interacting with people of diverse ages and behaviours. Surprisingly, I then ventured into Human Resources (HR) and Operations. In HR and Operations, my joy comes from engaging with people, grasping their perspectives, and collaboratively finding effective solutions. Serving as the go-to person for problem-solving and witnessing the achievements of others is immensely fulfilling. This role brings me great satisfaction, especially when I see the tangible outcomes of hard work and collaboration.

Pia, Marketing Manager: Fueled by a passion for languages and a desire to explore different cultures, I wasn't quite sure how to turn that into a career after school. I decided to study business, hoping it would open doors to international opportunities. During my studies, my interest in Marketing was sparked and became a dream career path for me due to one specific guest lecturer. She was a Marketing Consultant who thrived in a niche market, helping small to medium wineries in Italy. Her dedication to helping traditional businesses thrive through strategic marketing resonated deeply with me. This experience solidified my belief that marketing, starting with authentic branding, can be a powerful tool for attracting the right customers and driving growth.

What have been your experiences as a woman in your field? In case you have faced any challenges, what has motivated you to persevere?

Najitha, Mechanical Design Engineer: Starting a career as a mechanical engineer, I faced numerous challenges, especially in the initial stage. Technical skill gaps and lack of experience were the two main problems I faced, along with gender-based assumptions about my abilities. Despite the challenges, having strong support from my mentors, colleagues, and professional networks helped me navigate obstacles, gain confidence, and access opportunities for advancement in my career. Seeing other women succeed and break barriers in my workplace provided motivation and encouragement to persevere despite challenges.

Sakthi, Software Developer: As a woman in my field, I have encountered numerous challenges and obstacles. However, each setback has only fueled my determination to succeed. I have faced scepticism and prejudice, but I have always chosen to rise above it, inspired by the strong women in my life. My mother, who single-handedly raised us after my father's passing, showed me the true meaning of resilience and determination. My elder sister, who has been my rock and my source of strength, has always believed in me even when I doubted myself. Their unwavering faith in me has been my guiding light, pushing me to keep going even when the path seemed dark and uncertain.

Susan, Project Manager: Being a woman in the tech sector means facing a unique set of challenges—right from gender bias to intense competition. Yet, the formula for success lies in holding your ground and letting your talent and hard work speak for themselves. This journey isn't easy; it requires a solid backbone and the will to keep pushing forward, even when the odds seem stacked against you. But overcoming these challenges is not just about personal gain; it's about carving out your space and proving your value in the industry. Your perseverance not only paves the way for your own success but also sets the stage for those who follow. The solid support from my family has been my foundation, giving me strength and the assurance that they will always be cheering for me in times of difficulty.

Tell us more about your career path so far. Please mention any female leaders you have worked with that may have inspired you in some way.

Sakthi, Software Developer: ⁠My career path has been a rollercoaster ride, filled with ups and downs. I have been fortunate to work with some incredible female leaders who have inspired me along the way. Their guidance and mentorship have been invaluable in shaping my professional journey. They have taught me the importance of perseverance, hard work, and resilience, qualities that have been instrumental in my success. I am grateful for their support and encouragement, and I hope to be able to inspire others in the same way that they have inspired me.

Anuradha, Accounts Manager: After completing my CA articleship, I spent three years building up my experience and knowledge auditing several companies at the start of my career. The opportunity to join Acme arose after I moved to the UAE. Fast forward nearly two decades, and here I am.

Susan, Project Manager: My career began as a telecom planning and design engineer, where I had the privilege of being mentored by female leaders who stood strong in a field largely run by men. They not only believed in my potential but also acknowledged my hard work and motivated me to push beyond the norms that society had set for women. Witnessing their determination to carve out a space for themselves in the tech world profoundly influenced me. It propelled me to enhance my skills and confidently tackle my first major project. Their example set the foundation for my career, guiding me towards roles of greater responsibility and impact.

What has been your experience as a woman working for Acme?

Neethu, Lead Software Developer: I value being part of a collaborative and healthy work environment alongside motivated and goal-oriented colleagues. Being part of a tight-knit and supportive team helps me stay engaged in my role and challenge myself to improve my productivity.

Anju, Sales Coordinator: When I started my career in the technical sales team, I was very new to the field. I was worried, but my colleagues helped me to learn the new role. Now I am enjoying my job. The best part of Acme is all are ready to share their knowledge. They are ready to teach you. They don't think it will make them less while helping their colleagues. Here in Acme, they are giving importance to our family also. I am grateful to my colleagues and the management for my growth.

Anuradha, Accounts Manager: As a woman working at this company, I feel valued and respected. I appreciate the inclusive culture that promotes diversity and equal opportunities for all employees. My gender has never been a hindrance to my growth or success here, and I'm proud to be part of a team that recognizes and celebrates the contributions of everyone, regardless of gender.

We’d like to thank our team for sharing these valuable insights into their journeys and experiences! We encourage everyone to continue the conversation about equality and celebrate the contributions of women in all fields. We sure will.

Posted: March 08, 2024