Partners / July 18, 2021

Enhancing safety in MENA: Axelent and Pizzato partnership

As the UAE embarks on its 'Operation 300bn' strategy to position the country as a global industrial hub by 2031, Acme Intralog- the leading provider of industrial and intralogistics automation components and solutions in MENA region- foresees a growing emphasis on solutions for factory floor safety. The company has now partnered with Axelent (leading machine guard manufacturer) and Pizzato (producer of modern industrial production systems), to provide fast and easy access to industrial safety products and solutions in the MENA region. Navin Narayan, CEO, Acme Intralog, says:

As industrial production gains momentum, it becomes important for organisations to improve employee safety, reduce workplace risks and invest in factory floor safety especially since across the world, rules and regulations have become stricter about the safety of machinery and robots. ”

Navin Narayan added, “These stricter rules are not a consequence of more work-related accidents, but rather a result of higher demands from the workers themselves. In many parts of the world, people no longer accept working with high-risk machines and businesses see a safe working environment as a fundamental need. In this region, we have seen an increase in demand for factory workplace safety products like fences and lock systems. To cater to such requirements, we are proud to partner with Pizzato and Axelent to introduce internationally acclaimed safety products in the region.”

Acme has partnered with Axelent to provide state-of the art modular industrial fencing that are designed to meet all the requirements set for well-functioning machine guards. Axelent is a Swedish company with extensive knowledge of industrial, warehousing and construction safety. The company also produces mesh panel systems for machine guarding and partitioning for industrial and warehouse applications. Possible areas of application of these are vast for both manufacturers and distributors from all industries.

Acme’s partner Pizzato Elettrica is one of the main European manufacturers of safety devices. The vast range of products aimed specifically at the safety of machinery includes not only more traditional safety switches with separate actuator (with or without locking mechanism) and hinge switches but also state-of-the-art anti-tampering devices with RFID technology.

Navin added: “Studies show that every financial resource a company invests in health and safety in the workplace generates a return of 2.2 times more. We have always tried to emphasize the importance of safer factory floors. In fact, every kind of automation we provide helps increase safety to some extent. For example, we can ensure that products traveling on conveyors do not touch, collide or fall off in order to prevent damage or leakage, which is not just a safety hazard but also interrupts the supply chain. We provide robots and vacuum handling systems that help with lifting heavy items, reducing potential musculoskeletal injuries as well as accidents that manual handling may cause.”

Acme has an experienced team of specialists who can advise companies looking for safety solutions to ensure worker and shop floor safety. 

Key Takeaway
Acme Intralog has partnered with Axelent and Pizzato to offer easy access to industrial safety products and solutions in the region. With a growing emphasis on factory floor safety in the region due to increasing demands from workers, Acme's partnership with Axelent will provide modular industrial fencing and mesh panel systems for machine guarding and partitioning, while Pizzato offers a range of safety devices for machinery. The move comes as part of the UAE's 'Operation 300bn' strategy to become a global industrial hub by 2031.
Posted: July 18, 2021