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Industry Sync – Acme CEO reflects on the advancements in logistics

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Navin Narayan, CEO of Acme reflects on the company's technological and sustainable advancement in the logistics sphere

With over 22 years of experience in the UAE, Navin Narayan helms Acme, evolving it from its 1975 roots in hardware trading to a leader in industrial automation. In 2018, he launched Acme Intralog FZCO to deliver intralogistics solutions across various sectors, including food and beverage. Committed to innovation, Navin established an R&D facility in Jebel Ali to tailor advanced solutions to client needs, underscoring Acme's dedication to client satisfaction and technological advancement. He aims to enhance industry efficiency and reduce workforce dependency through a team skilled in industry 4.0 technologies such as robotics and automated systems. 

Expanding beyond the GCC, Navin has also introduced Acme's innovative solutions to Central Europe, promoting global growth and technological exchange. In this interview, we dive deep into Navin's vision of the logistics industry's progression and how automation plays an essential feature in shifting the landscape...


The logistics sector is experiencing a dynamic revolution spearheaded by cutting-edge technology. Companies rapidly adopt advanced robotics, AI-driven analytics, and IoT innovations to streamline operations and enhance connectivity.

Acme is at the forefront of this shift, heavily investing in research and development to ensure their solutions remain leading-edge. Their engineering team is dedicated to pioneering new technologies and crafting custom solutions to meet unique operational needs.

Acme has also established strong partnerships with established and emerging tech manufacturers, incorporating advanced products like collaborative robotics and imaging technology into its offerings. It continuously seeks strategic partnerships with businesses and research institutions to keep pace with technological advancements and improve its services.

At Acme, they believe that their employees are their greatest asset. They strongly emphasise their ongoing development, fostering a culture of creative problem-solving and innovation. This commitment ensures that the team is always equipped to handle the demands of a rapidly evolving industry, and their dedication drives their success.

Crossroads and Open Doors

When Acme made its foray into the industrial automation market, it encountered stiff competition from established European and American manufacturers. However, this challenge also presented a unique opportunity. Unlike its rivals, Acme stood out by offering bespoke automation solutions with local, on-the-ground support services. This positioned Acme as the only UAE-based company to design, produce, and maintain advanced automation systems. With their R&D and service teams based locally, Acme is able to offer round-the-clock support, ensuring uninterrupted operations for their clients.

Acme's expansion into new geographic territories is a clear and strategic move, demonstrating its intent to better serve its customer base. Over the past five years, it has not only strengthened its presence in key markets like Saudi Arabia and India but also extended its reach into Europe and Latin America. The next five years will be dedicated to solidifying and expanding these footholds, with the aim of exporting UAE-made automation solutions worldwide.

To thrive, Acme plans to customize its offerings to meet the distinct needs and regulations of each market, potentially collaborating with local partners for seamless technology integration. This strategy will broaden its service range and elevate the global standing of its solutions.

Moreover, Acme is unwavering in its commitment to nurturing a skilled workforce in each operational region to support clients and drive innovation. While leveraging regional strengths, Acme's UAE headquarters will persist as a global innovation hub, developing versatile automation solutions that can be adapted to international applications. This comprehensive approach guarantees that Acme not only competes on the global stage but also spearheads the redefinition of global industrial automation standards.


At Acme, innovation and creativity thrive as core principles that are seamlessly integrated into everyday operations. They emphasize open communication, championing the free exchange of ideas. This approach allows individuals at all levels to contribute their insights and suggestions but also empowers them, making them feel valued and integral to the company's operations. Regular development meetings are conducted to discuss customer challenges, fostering cross-departmental brainstorming and sparking innovative solutions.

The company embraces a 'fail-forward' philosophy, recognizing that innovation often stems from taking calculated risks and learning from mistakes. This mindset transforms potential setbacks into valuable learning experiences, creating a supportive environment where employees are not only allowed but also encouraged to experiment and pursue new ideas without fear. This approach fosters a sense of safety and encouragement, making employees feel more confident in their innovative endeavours.

Acme places a high value on recognizing and celebrating innovation, from groundbreaking inventions to simple process enhancements. By acknowledging and rewarding creative efforts, they underscore the importance of innovation and inspire the team to continuously explore and push the limits of what's possible. This emphasis on recognition and celebration not only makes employees feel appreciated but also motivates them to strive for more innovative solutions.

Green Initiatives

Environmental stewardship is now a necessity, not just an option. Companies actively reduce their carbon footprint by adopting local sourcing, sustainable packaging, and electric delivery vehicles. At Acme, sustainability and corporate responsibility are central to its operations. From the beginning, it has emphasized local sourcing of raw materials to decrease transportation emissions and improve efficiency. It also maintains a robust waste management strategy that prioritizes reducing waste generation and collaborates with suppliers and forwarders to utilize eco- friendly packaging and practices.

Energy efficiency is integral to designing Acme's automation systems. They incorporate energy-conserving components that meet stringent engineering, safety, and functionality standards. They also adopt a lifecycle perspective for their products, ensuring energy-efficient operation and responsible disposal practices.

Acme's commitment to sustainability goes beyond just adopting energy- efficient practices. They see automation as a powerful tool for driving sustainability. By automating processes, they are not just helping companies cut energy use and reduce waste, but also enhancing operational efficiency, thereby significantly shrinking their environmental footprint. These efforts are not just a part of Acme's operations, but a testament to their deep commitment to lessening their environmental impact and fostering a greener future.


Navin's goal for Acme is to level the playing field by making advanced automation technologies available to businesses everywhere, regardless of size or location. He envisions a future where these transformative tools are accessible to all, driving industry evolution and facilitating progress. To realize this vision, Acme is committed to crafting scalable automation solutions tailored to the diverse needs of businesses, from budding startups to expansive enterprises. The key to this initiative is user accessibility. Acme is dedicated to developing user-friendly systems complemented by intuitive interfaces and extensive training programs, ensuring businesses can easily integrate and leverage these advanced technologies.

This interview was published in Logistics News in June 2024

Posted: June 20, 2024