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Manual Handling
Acme Solution

Handling Complexity

Manual Handling / Acme Solution

Manual Handling

Consumer goods come in a variety of sizes and shapes. This can make it difficult to find efficient ways to store and handle them. 

They also often have short product life cycles. This means that manufacturers need to be able to quickly and efficiently move products through their facilities.

Acme Solution

Our conveyors as well as robotic solutions facilitate the handling of diverse products efficiently and smoothly and are adaptable to changing production needs. Integrated 3D Vision & AI Systems for robots or cobots facilitate easy identification and handle products accurately. PLC and software solutions enable following the FIFO principle.

Space Management

Manual Handling / Acme Solution

Manual Handling

Warehouses often require wide aisles for forklifts to maneuver and are restricted in height due to their reach limitations. Inadequate space utilisation can lead to clutter, disorganisation, and difficulty in locating materials.

Acme Solution

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems and smart software solutions allow for better use of existing warehouse space, maximising vertical and horizontal storage space.

Inventory Accuracy

Manual Handling / Acme Solution

Manual Handling

Manual systems make it difficult to track inventory levels and locations. This can lead to stockouts, out-of-date products, and increased costs.

Acme Solution

Implementing a Warehouse Management System (WMS) helps track inventory levels, locations, and movements. 

Using barcodes and RFID as well as sensors identify and track goods and prevent errors.


Manual Handling / Acme Solution

Manual Handling

Labour-intensive processes such as loading and unloading, palletising, picking, packing, and safe material movement and storage can slow down operations significantly.

Acme Solution

Automating goods handling improves efficiency, and frees up workers for other tasks. Conveyor systems can be used to transport products without the need for manual lifting or carrying. AS/RS help safely store and retrieve items in high-density racks. Robots can be used to perform a wide range of applications, including (de)palletising.

Product & Worker Safety

Manual Handling / Acme Solution

Manual Handling

Accidents can happen despite safety measures and trainings. When handling heavy or non-standard products, the risk increases.

Acme Solution

Robotics, conveyors and AS/RS help transport, store or palletise goods, in a consistent and predictable manner, avoiding collision or damage. 3D Vision & AI Systems for robots and cobots identify defects, cracks, or irregularities in products, preventing subpar goods from reaching the market.


Consumer Goods Manufacturer / Specific solutions

  • 01
    Case & tote handling

    Achieve remarkable business benefits through automating your order picking and dispatch processes for cases and totes.

    From safe transport to efficient storage of your goods, we provide custom solutions for every step of your operational process that will enhance your productivity and profitability.

  • 02
    Pallet handling

    Pallets play a vital role in material handling. Automated pallet handling solutions throughout the different stages of your operational process will help you realise significant business advantages.

    Our tailor-made solutions to your specific needs can integrate with your existing systems for a seamless material flow.

  • 03

    Reallocate your staff's time on higher-value work, while robots take care of repetitive or dangerous tasks, increasing your throughput, reducing accidents or leakage, and cutting operational cost.

  • 04
    Shelving & Racking

    Shelving and racking systems let you make the most of your warehouse's storage space. 

    Explore dependable and operationally effective solutions that can be tailored to your requirements.

  • 05
    Software & Controls

    Experience improved accuracy, refined management, operational transparency and higher product quality through software and control solutions that manage and monitor your processes reliably.

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