Products / October 12, 2022

Acme's new shuttle-based ASRS for high density

Kanghar, a high-density pallet shuttle from Acme is the company’s latest addition to their Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS) portfolio. Exclusively produced by Acme’s inhouse team, Kanghar is best suited for dense warehouses as they allow customers to make best use of their space both vertically and horizontally. The Kanghar system consists of one pallet shuttle placed on top of a larger carrier shuttle. 

The bottom shuttle carries the shuttle on the top along the rails and stops at the desired aisle. The smaller shuttle then disengages itself from the system and advances into the aisle to pick up or drop the pallet and returns to the bottom shuttle and together they continue their journey to the destination where the pallet needs to be offloaded or picked up. The solution is designed for use in high density, high throughput low SKU distribution centers. According to Navin Narayan, CEO of Acme Intralog:

Kanghar is a fully automated system that will significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse operations. It will help to fully utilize the height of the warehouse as Kanghar can easily move along the rails perpendicular to the aisles on each floor. ”

Navin Narayan added, “The carrier shuttle in the Kanghar system moves up or down the main aisle of the rack towards the side aisle where the pallet should be stored. Then the pallet shuttle which essentially holds the pallet moves off the system and into the depth of the rack to the right or left to place the pallet in its location. For retrieval, it’s essentially the same process. Kanghar can move standard pallets (EPAL1, 2 and 3, CP pallets) as well as customised pallets up to 2,000 kg in weight. With our ‘Polar’ range of models, such units can easily be deployed in freezer environments too.”

Kanghar can achieve a speed of approx. 2.6m / sec for the carrier shuttle and 1m/sec for the pallet shuttle. This will enhance the warehouse efficiency drastically. The full solution is typically built around the storage and retrieval processes, including the inbound and outbound conveyors, pallet lifts, control units and Warehouse Control System (WCS). Acme can also set up the racking and Warehouse Management System (WMS) for any warehouse, if required.

Key Takeaway
Acme has launched Kanghar, a high-density pallet shuttle that forms part of the company's Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS) portfolio. Designed for use in high-density, high-throughput, low SKU distribution centres, Kanghar is an automated system that significantly improves the efficiency and accuracy of warehouse operations. Kanghar moves standard and customised pallets weighing up to 2,000 kg and can be deployed in cold storage environments with Acme's 'Polar' range of models. The full solution is built around the storage and retrieval processes, including conveyors, pallet lifts, control units, and the Warehouse Control System (WCS).
Posted: October 12, 2022