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Manual Handling
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Manual Handling / Acme Solution

Manual Handling

Electronics manufacturing demands extraordinary precision due to shrinking component sizes, narrow pitches, complex multi-layered circuits, and delicate elements. A slight error in positioning or handling can result in costly defects, emphasizing the need for meticulous precision in every aspect of production.

Acme Solution

Industrial or collaborative robots equipped with suitable grippers can be deployed for a wide range of applications at the highest precision and are adaptable to changing production needs. Integrated 3D Vision & AI Systems for robotics further enhance the accurate fulfillment of the robot's tasks.

Safe Handling

Manual Handling / Acme Solution

Manual Handling

Electronics components are often delicate and sensitive to static electricity, moisture, and physical damage. Manual handling increases the risk of mishandling, which can result in defects, scrap, or quality issues.

Acme Solution

Automated solutions increase consistency, speed, efficiency, while reducing the risk of possible damages. It also decreases the possibility of stray electrostatic fields damaging sensitive components and assemblies.

Space Management

Manual Handling / Acme Solution

Manual Handling

The manufacturing of electronics often requires various types of components and equipment, which can take up a significant amount of space. Manual warehouses often require wide aisles for forklifts to maneuver and are restricted in height due to their reach limitations.

Acme Solution

Smart software solutions and Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems allow for better use of existing warehouse space, maximising vertical and horizontal storage space.

Increased complexity and variability

Manual Handling / Acme Solution

Manual Handling

The desire for customised goods that cater to specific interests, preferences, and market demands is increasing in the electronics business. Manual processes are not always flexible enough to handle such demands while maintaining high quality and safety standards and avoiding losses.

Acme Solution

Robotic systems can be programmed to accommodate the flexibility to adapt to new product designs or needs while operating fast and precisely.


Electronics Manufacturer / Specific solutions

  • 01
    Case & tote handling

    Achieve remarkable business benefits through automating your order picking and dispatch processes for cases and totes.

    From safe transport to efficient storage of your goods, we provide custom solutions for every step of your operational process that will enhance your productivity and profitability.

  • 02
    Pallet handling

    Pallets play a vital role in material handling. Automated pallet handling solutions throughout the different stages of your operational process will help you realise significant business advantages.

    Our tailor-made solutions to your specific needs can integrate with your existing systems for a seamless material flow.

  • 03

    Reallocate your staff's time on higher-value work, while robots take care of repetitive or dangerous tasks, increasing your throughput, reducing accidents or leakage, and cutting operational cost.

  • 04
    Shelving & Racking

    Shelving and racking systems let you make the most of your warehouse's storage space. 

    Explore dependable and operationally effective solutions that can be tailored to your requirements.

  • 05
    Software & Controls

    Experience improved accuracy, refined management, operational transparency and higher product quality through software and control solutions that manage and monitor your processes reliably.

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