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Manual Handling
Acme Solution

Accuracy & Traceability

Manual Handling / Acme Solution

Manual Handling

Ensuring the accurate tracking and traceability of pharmaceutical materials, ingredients, and products is critical for regulatory compliance and patient safety. Manual handling increases the risk of errors in labeling, inventory management, and order fulfillment.

Acme Solution

Automation solutions in combination with smart software can greatly enhance material traceability & quality control. AS/RS efficiently store and retrieve materials with precise tracking, while conveyors automate movement, aiding in real-time tracking and steering to defined locations.


Manual Handling / Acme Solution

Manual Handling

Labour-intensive processes such as loading and unloading, filling, palletising, and packing can slow down operations significantly, especially for heavy ingredients. Other factors, such as temperature control as well as precision in weighing or blending of pharmaceutical products can further restrict productivity.

Acme Solution

Conveyor systems can be used to transport even hazardous or heavy ingredients safely and without the need for manual lifting or carrying. 

AS/RS help safely store and retrieve chemicals in high-density racks. 

Robots can be used to handle hazardous chemicals and perform a wide range of applications with the highest precision.

Inventory Management

Manual Handling / Acme Solution

Manual Handling

Manual inventory management can be cumbersome and error-prone. Pharmaceutical manufacturers must maintain tight control over their inventory to avoid stockouts, overstocking, or expired products. The lack of automation can make it challenging to track expiration dates and reorder supplies efficiently.

Acme Solution

Implementing a Warehouse Management System (WMS) helps track inventory levels, locations, and movements. 

Using barcodes and RFID as well as sensors identify and track goods and prevent errors.

Special Storage Requirements

Manual Handling / Acme Solution

Manual Handling

Pharmaceuticals often require specific storage conditions, such as temperature and humidity control. Without automation, maintaining these conditions becomes more challenging, leading to the risk of product degradation and spoilage. Proper segregation and organisation of storage space are crucial for preserving product quality.

Acme Solution

Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems and smart software solutions allow for better use of existing warehouse space, maximising vertical and horizontal storage space, while also being suited for harsh temperature conditions.

Our range of racking and shelving systems optimise warehouse storage needs and facilitate segregation.

Product & Worker Safety

Manual Handling / Acme Solution

Manual Handling

Accidents can happen despite safety measures and trainings. The pharmaceutical industry is a hazardous industry, and there are many risks associated with manual handling of chemicals and other hazardous materials. Workers can be exposed to harmful substances, or they can be injured by machinery or falls.

Acme Solution

Robotics, conveyors, and AS/RS help transport, store or palletise goods, including heavy or hazardous materials, in a consistent and predictable manner, avoiding collision or damage. 3D Vision & AI Systems for robots and cobots identify defects and can assist in the efficient sortation of products.


Pharmaceutical Manufacturer / Specific solutions

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    Pallet handling

    Pallets play a vital role in material handling. Automated pallet handling solutions throughout the different stages of your operational process will help you realise significant business advantages.

    Our tailor-made solutions to your specific needs can integrate with your existing systems for a seamless material flow.

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    Reallocate your staff's time on higher-value work, while robots take care of repetitive or dangerous tasks, increasing your throughput, reducing accidents or leakage, and cutting operational cost.

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    Shelving & Racking

    Shelving and racking systems let you make the most of your warehouse's storage space. 

    Explore dependable and operationally effective solutions that can be tailored to your requirements.

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    Software & Controls

    Experience improved accuracy, refined management, operational transparency and higher product quality through software and control solutions that manage and monitor your processes reliably.

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