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Manual Handling
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Cargo Handling

Manual Handling / Acme Solution

Manual Handling

Material handling, particularly at airports, is always constrained by tight schedules. Manual handling of cargo can be slow and error-prone, especially for large or heavy items. This can lead to delays in loading and unloading of aircrafts, as well as damage to cargo.

Acme Solution

Implementing automated systems for loading and unloading cargo onto/from aircrafts accelerates processes, and minimises the risk of damage. Modular systems are an alternative to fully automated options and are designed to be easily expanded or contracted as needed, making airport operations more scalable.

Installing conveyor systems streamlines the movement of cargo within airport facilities & handles various sizes and weights. Equipped with sensors they improve safety and avoid collisions.

Automated sorting systems can efficiently route cargo to the appropriate locations.

Space Management

Manual Handling / Acme Solution

Manual Handling

Airports often have limited space, which can make it difficult to store cargo efficiently. This can lead to congestion and delays.

It is also important to ensure that cargo is stored in a secure manner to avoid theft.

Acme Solution

AS/RS and WMS software can optimise cargo storage and retrieval, ensuring that items are readily available for loading onto aircrafts.

Compliance Challenges

Manual Handling / Acme Solution

Manual Handling

Airports need to comply with a variety of regulations, such as those related to hazardous materials handling and environmental protection.

Acme Solution

Conveyors equipped with special scanners and/or sensors identify potential hazards that may not be visible to the naked eye. They prevent accidents and leakage and provide real-time visibility into the movement and storage of hazardous materials.

Maintenance and Repairs

Manual Handling / Acme Solution

Manual Handling

Ensuring the timely maintenance and repair of equipment can lead to downtime.

Acme Solution

Predictive maintenance of automation systems can help to avoid downtime. It uses sensors and data analytics to predict when equipment is likely to fail. This allows for preventive maintenance to be performed before a failure occurs.


Material Handling & Airports Service Provider / Specific solutions

  • 01
    Pallet handling

    Pallets play a vital role in material handling. Automated pallet handling solutions throughout the different stages of your operational process will help you realise significant business advantages.

    Our tailor-made solutions to your specific needs can integrate with your existing systems for a seamless material flow.

  • 02
    Picking & sortation

    As the amount of orders increase and customers expect faster delivery timeframes, automated material handling solutions help achieve higher efficiency at lower operational cost.

    Automated order fulfilment solutions allow for higher accuracy, aiming to reduce returns.

  • 03

    Reallocate your staff's time on higher-value work, while robots take care of repetitive or dangerous tasks, increasing your throughput, reducing accidents or leakage, and cutting operational cost.

  • 04
    Shelving & Racking

    Shelving and racking systems let you make the most of your warehouse's storage space. 

    Explore dependable and operationally effective solutions that can be tailored to your requirements.

  • 05
    Software & Controls

    Experience improved accuracy, refined management, operational transparency and higher product quality through software and control solutions that manage and monitor your processes reliably.

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