Products / February 01, 2023

Namla: a new generation Radio Shuttle

As part of their commitment to UAE’s Operation 300bn strategy to develop the country’s industrial sector and encourage production of ‘Made in the UAE’ brands, warehouse automation solutions provider Acme Intralog has launched a locally manufactured Radio Shuttle system ‘Namla’. Meaning ‘ant’ in Arabic, Namla is inspired by the natural intelligent system employed by nature’s tiny creatures – ants, who diligently carry items from one place to another. According to Navin Narayan, CEO of Acme Intralog:

Namla is hundred percent made in the UAE by Acme. It is the only robotic Radio Shuttle that is locally manufactured in the country, and I am proud of this pioneering initiative by our team. ”

Navin Narayan added: “Our new generation Radio Shuttle can drastically improve pallet storage density for standard pallets of up to 1,500 kg. Customised options for specific needs and higher load requirements are available on request. Namla improves productivity as well as safety of operations in a high-density distribution centre.”

The semi-automated system can be handled by forklift in a customised rack. Namla can be operated remotely with an industrial-grade touch panel that allows for quick task management. The Li-ion battery is designed to last through a typical shift operation of a distribution centre for a minimum of eight hours. The batteries are easily interchangeable for continuous operation.

Acme also offers a Namla polar edition, which operates safely in harsh temperatures and can be deployed by the cold storage industry, operating safely between -30 to + 40 degrees.

Navin added: “We have had a great response for Namla from our clients and we are currently looking for regional distributors and integrators for our Radio Shuttle.”

Key Takeaway
Acme Intralog has launched Namla, a locally manufactured Radio Shuttle that supports UAE's Operation 300bn strategy. The Radio Shuttle improves pallet storage density for standard pallets of up to 1,500 kg and can be operated remotely. Namla operates safely between -30 to +40 degrees and is suitable for the cold storage industry. This technology significantly enhances productivity and safety in high-density distribution centres. Acme is now seeking regional distributors and integrators to expand the use of this innovative system.
Posted: February 01, 2023