Transair Air System

Mini Load System

Mini Load systems are optimised for distribution centres, production and buffer ware­houses. It is a groundbreaking new type of flexible load handling device that supports a wide range of container and carton sizes. If necessary, they can be tailored to your individual product size and type.

Fast pick-up and delivery, dense storage, and quiet operation

Designed for optimum performance, RapidStore ML handles trays, totes and cartons, delivering them to and from operators or transportation systems with a travel speed of up to 6 m/sec, a maximum travel acceleration of 5.5 m/sec2 and an average acceleration of 4 m/sec2. Pick-up and delivery stations and interfacing transportation systems are designed specifically for your operation. RapidStore Miniload AS/RS machines offer fast pick-up and delivery, dense storage, and quiet operation.


Special Features 

The RapidStore ML range can be equipped with different load handling equipment. Fully re-designed load handling equipment from Dematic, makes it possible to place cartons, containers or trays varying in sizes from 200 to 650 mm wide into storage up to four-items deep. Depending on the device type, it is also possible to use multiple load carrying devices in different designs (above or next to one another). This makes the RapidStore another component for maximum flexibility and optimum throughput in small parts storage.

Lightweight Design and Maximum Energy Efficiency 

Another striking feature of the RapidStore ML range is the consistently light­weight design in combination with drive technology using maximum energy ef­ficiency. The innovative, patented mast design, with its intelligent articulated connection offers a weight-reduction of 20% over traditional rigid mast connection storage and retrieval devices. Optimum mass distribution with the deepest possible center of gravity ensures maximum stability and dynamics.


With its compact design and the optimised approach dimensions, RapidStore ML also achieves outstanding space and footprint utilisation. The use of energy recovery units also provides both financial and environmental benefits.

Features and Benefits:

  • Lightweight mast construction
  • Modular construction design with standardized components
  • Scalable for all warehouse solutions
  • Cross-sector applications (production, warehousing, etc.)
  • Varied load handling equipment options and high performance capability
  • Works with wide range of container and carton sizes
  • Compatible with current and future load suspension equipment
  • Readily available maintenance materials and spare parts
  • Energy efficient drives and running gear