Transair Air System

Ylog Shuttle System

The Ylog Shuttle is designed to store, buffer, and sequence products between bulk stock and functions like picking and order assembly. The system can dramatically increase speed, accuracy, and throughput in warehouses, factories, or distribution centres.

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The YLOG-shuttle requires new approaches because it makes system solutions possible that were previously impossible. With its pivoting wheels, the YLOG-shuttle can move both crosswise and lengthwise, as well as rotate.

Traditional system approaches for storing products in rack systems organized around aisles can now be re-examined. A single YLOG-shuttle can reach each rack position in a level by combining lengthwise with crosswise movements. Lifts specially designed for the YLOG-shuttle transport the shuttle between different rack levels.

A single shuttle can automate your entire rack system. The freedom of movement that the YLOG-shuttle provides makes new types of rack systems possible. Differing ceiling heights, square floor spaces, angled rooms or multiple floors can now be automated.

The YLOG-shuttle-lifts not only allow for a storage and retrieval connection at the front and back of a rack, but also at the side.

YLOG-shuttle advantages:

• 360° rotation
• cosswise and lengthwise movements
• each single YLOG-shuttle can reach every storage position
• transport between rack levels by shuttle-lifts
• new types of rack systems possible