Transair Air System

Pick To Light System

Pick-to-Light is a precise, economical solution for paperless, display-guided picking, System provides dramatic improvements in warehouse productivity and picking accuracy.

Pick-to-Light is a precise, economical solution for paperless, display-guided picking. Picking with the Pick-to-Light system is simple: Brightly illuminated displays show personnel the picking position and quantity; each pick is acknowledged on the multi-function button. Training new personnel in display guided picking takes much less time. By doing away with the handling of paper, picking quality is improved and the error rate significantly decreased.

The dynamic zone mode allows Pick-to-Light to flexibly adapt to order volumes: Depending on necessity, picking can be carried out in small and large zones, and operation in multi-person mode is also possible.

The system is easily maintained: the snap-in illuminated displays are easily replaced and configured in little time. Structural modifications, such as a change in slot position, can be carried out easily without trouble.

Pick-to-Light guarantees a seamless flow of data – all activities are immediately re-transmitted to WMS/WCS or to another higher level HOST system; the status of an order can be called up at any time.Pick-to-Light also supports lot identification as well as inventory.Pick-to-Light can be easily integrated into the system architecture and is therefore suitable for use with existing systems.


• Faster order fulfillment
• Improved order accuracy
• Increased labor productivity
• Picker accountability for every pick
• Increased picker productivity and accuracy
• Quick staff ramp-up to handle seasonal peaks
• Real-time sorting of orders and directed replenishment