Transair Air System

OSR Shuttle

The OSR Shuttle™ is a high-performance and reliable semi-automatic picking and storage system that forms the heart of a modern warehouse with its tremendous versatility.

KNAPP is the inventor of shuttle technology and has been setting new standards in warehouse logistics with the OSR Shuttle™ for more than 10 years!

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High versatility

There is a wide range of demands on an intralogistics system. With the all-in-shuttle concept, KNAPP offers a solution that realizes central processes in a warehouse with a single type of technology in one system.

Space-effective storage for different load carriers up to 50 kg
Efficient picking
Error-free buffering
Accurate sequencing
Reliable flow rack replenishment
Space-efficient and scalable

Through the scalable, space-saving rack system, the costs of acquisition can be optimally tailored to any requirements – in addition, the OSR Shuttle™ can be expanded easily in the future