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Cavalry Order Picking System

A Cavalry order picking system is a warehouse management system that is designed especially for warehouses that deal with customer orders. This is important piece of equipment in the warehouse because it enables warehouse owners to reap the benefits that are helpful for their business.

As retail operation markets get squeezed by rising real estate and distribution costs, businesses have started focussing on operating highly efficient distribution centers.

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Acme Cavalry Order Picking System affordable UAE

Why do you need the Cavalry Order Picking System ?

An Order Picking System has been identified as the most expensive process in a warehouse. It is estimated that 55% of the total warehouse operating expenses is caused by order picking only.

Current situation

1. Expensive multi tier systems with presslocked flooring, sprinklers and lighting systems.
2. Large number of trained pickers for picking process.
3. Expensive high bay order picker/forklift machines.
4. Low productivity per warehouse operator.
5. Accuracy of picked orders is low unless multiple check stations are employed, hence slowing down the system.
6. Other automated goods to person solutions out of reach of mid size companies and require millions in investment in conveyors, sortation systems and put to light systems.
7. Most current design warehouses are incapable of handling e-commerce type of order profiles.
8. Transitioning from manual to fully automated system requires extensive retraining of existing personnel.
9. Difficult to get local support for installed automated systems.

Acme’s goal is to improve regional distribution centers without the need of changing the entire workforce within the facility.  The Cavalry Order Picking System is the solution to your everyday problem.


cavalry order picking system

System details

We at Acme have designed an ‘automated stallion’ that allows for your order picker to ride to the right pick location automatically, providing him with onscreen guidance as to how many units he has to pick and in what order tote to place. Simplified technology for higher efficiency.

The Acme Cavalry Order Picking System consists of an automated Mini Load Crane with a cabin for an Operator in addition to an order picking cart.

Order Picking Process

1. The system receives a batch of orders, the Cavalry Order Picking system will build an optimised picking route.
2. The Operator is guided to the storage location by the Automated Mini Load without additional input from the operator.
3. Once the Miniload Crane reaches a pick location, it automatically pulls out a product storage tote. The display screen in the Operator cabin of the Mini Load displays the number of units that have to be picked as well as the quantities that each of the customers/delivery orders require.
4. The operator picks the items from the storage tote and drops into the destination totes. Once the process is complete, the operator shall confirm on the touch screen display screen.
5. The Cavalry Order Picking System moves on to the next pick location and the process is repeated.
6. On completion of the set of orders, the Cavalry Order Picking System shall move to a despatch location where the order totes are offloaded and new set of order totes are loaded for a fresh set of orders.


7. This eliminates the need for a secondary packing process. Once the order picking process is complete, all you have to do is include the packing slip and close the box and load into the truck!

The Cavalry Order Picking System is designed for distribution centers that can use cluster picking.

Advantages of Cavalry Order Picking System

1. Economic Hybrid automated system.
2. Ideal for distribution centers with High number of SKU + Medium throughput.
3. Warehouse height above 7mtr (ideal)
4. Upto 11meter without sprinkler requirement
5. System can go upto 20 metres in height
6. Standard system tote size of 800mm deep x 600mm wide. Other sizes can be customised.
7. Weight of tote between 100 – 500kgs
8. Limited training / knowledge of warehouse. Any literate operator can be an order picker
9. No forklift operator license.
10. No battery charge / replacement
11. Throughput can be increased using additional machines
12. Can operate mini load in autonomous mode
13. No need to add manpower in sortation process
14. No need of expensive sorter systems or
15. Labour fatigue minimized
16. Low power consumption
17. CE certified
18. Ideal for small to Medium companies
19. Suitable for distribution centers for Industrial parts, Auto parts, Pharma, Fashion, E-commerce
20. Highly Customizable picking cart
21. Very robust electromechanics that require very little maintenance