Transair Air System

Long Span System

Similar to pallet racking in construction, these shelving units have a lower load capacity per level. Profile dimensions for the upright as well as beams are smaller and lighter. It is ideal for use for awkward and bulky loads and suitable for order picking and bulk storage. A comprehensive range of frames and beams accommodates a wide range of loading capacity requirements as well as dimensions

Long span shelving is a flexible storage solution for organizing your warehouse or garage’s storage space more efficiently. With options of different length long span shelving can be fitted into squeezy spots. It’s suitable for holding cartons, parts or anything relatively small individually.


Tekno Store is leading distributor for long span shelving and long span shelving supported work platform.  stocks large amount of long span shelving in its Al Qouz warehouse.

We can also customize the shelving with different heights ranging from 1.5m to 3m. This 1.5m long shelving can hold 600KG per bay. It’s made of high grade steel with 4 layers is a great organizer for your shop, warehouse or garage. You can decide how many initial bays and add on bays to have.