Transair Air System

Hygienic i7 – Hygienic Pallet

Fully closed hygienic pallet. For many years now, the Hygienic i7 has struck the perfect balance between mechanical performance and hygiene requirements. Manufactured exclusively from food-grade HDPE - no metal reinforcements - this pallet has become the standard in many industries across Europe. This fully closed pallet has no cavities, making it impossible for dirt to accumulate. Cleaning is a snap.
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Technical information

  • Bottom Support: 9 feet

  • Bottom Support: 3 runners

  • Bottom Support: 5 runners

  • Top Deck: Closed

  • Dimension [mm]: 1200 x 1000 x 160

  • Static Load Capacity: 5000 kg

  • Dynamic Load Capacity: 2500 kg

  • Racking Load Capacity: 1250 kg

  • Weight: 22.0 - 23.0 kg

  • Available as multi-trip pallet

  • Rackable

Technical Detail