Transair Air System

Shuttle E7 – Cabka Shuttle

The intelligent transport solution for conveying and storing pallets in high racks.
Signs of heavy use and damage to Euro wooden pallets from the pool of exchangeable pallets can cause malfunctions in sensitive intralogistics systems. The Shuttle E7 was developed to allow these pallets to be safely processed and stored in spite of this. It accepts pallets of different quality, size and type using a "piggyback system“ and transports them safely through the automated conveying systems.
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Technical information

  • Bottom Support: 3 runners

  • Top Deck: Open

  • Dimension [mm]: 1200 x 800 x 140

  • Static Load Capacity: 10000 kg

  • Dynamic Load Capacity: 2000 kg

  • Racking Load Capacity: 1250 kg

  • Weight HDPE: 15.0 kg

  • Entry: 2 ways

  • Safety rim: 30 mm

  • Available as multi-trip pallet

  • Rackable

Technical Detail