Transair Air System

Keg S9 – Keg Plastic Pallet

Plastic pallet for transport of kegs. The Keg S9 has been especially designed for the handling of 50 liter barrels (8 per pallet). To meet the very stringent handling specifications, CABKA_IPS used the gas-assist technology, meaning that internal hollow channels make the pallet more rigid. This benefit is especially useful when the pallet is used in racks. The excellent design, combined with the gas-assist production technology, guarantees the pallet has a long life and provides inherent impact resistance.
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Technical information

  • Bottom Support: 6 runners

  • Top Deck: Open

  • Dimensions [mm]: 1210 x 1110 x 156

  • Static Load Capacity: 4500 kg

  • Dynamic Load Capacity: 1500 kg

  • Racking Load Capacity: 1500 kg

  • Weight PP: 26.0 kg

  • Available as multi-trip pallet

  • Rackable

Technical Detail