Transair Air System

BPP i9 Beverage Pool Pallet

The new BPP i9 is 21 kg lighter than the 44 kg wooden pallets that were previously in use. That makes them easier to handle and saves CO2 when they are being transported. Nonetheless, with a bearing load of 1,500 kg in the high-bay rack, the pallet is extremely resilient. With the BPP i9, we have brought an economical pallet solution to market that has the construction and sustainable production principle to meet all of the demands of modern logistics. Moreover, it integrates into any overall waste-management concept and is a great contribution to environmental protection.
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Technical information

  • Dimensions: 1200 x 100 x 169 mm

  • Weight: 23.0 kg

  • Top deck: Open (OD)

  • Bottom support: 6 runners (6R)

  • Material: recycled HDPE

  • Static Load Capacity: 7000 kg

  • Dynamic Load Capacity: 1500 kg

  • Racking Load Capacity: 1500 kg

  • Entry: 4 ways

  • Available as multi-trip pallet

  • Rackable

Technical Detail