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Customised Pallets

  • Individual Processing
  • We are development partners and individual solution providers. Based on our standard products, we develop customised pallet concepts that meet the toughest requirements in close cooperation with our clients. Our clients benefit from considerable savings, short amortisation periods, and the high quality that our products offer.
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    Eco Pallets

  • Small Price – Big Loads
  • Our Eco family plastic pallets have the optimal cost-benefit ratio. These monoblock pallets, optionally made of HDPE/PP or PO, carry heavy loads with low tare weight – ideal for closed circuits, product distribution, production facilities, and exporting. With their stable skid construction, they are best suited for automated conveying systems and high rack storage.
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    Endur Pallets

  • Robust Premium Products
  • Durable, insusceptible to impact, and extremely robust – the Endur family's high-quality plastic pallets made of virgin material or recycled PP makes them suitable for high circulation rates. The gas-injection manufacturing process creates internal cavities in the pallets' support system. That makes Endur pallets particularly resistant to bending and resilient when they are used in high-bay racking. Optional slide protection on the top deck, bottom deck, or bottom support will satisfy all high-performance pallet needs.
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    Hygienic Pallets

  • Closed and Food Safe
  • Easy to clean, easy to dry, and a smooth and closed surface … our Hygienic family plastic pallets offer the perfect combination of mechanical performance and hygienic requirements. Our completely closed pallets have no cavities, which keeps dirt from accumulating. Cleaning is also fast and easy. Made of food-safe HDPE – without any metal reinforcements – they are standard equipment in many industries.
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    Nest Pallets

  • Light and Stackable
  • Light, space-saving, and reliable – in logistical terms, those are the things that pallets need to be. By stacking, our pallets made of recycled HDPE or PO reduce volume by up to 75%. Their conical bases interlock, reducing storage and transportation costs. The consistent lightweight design facilitates handling and makes these pallets optimal carriers for export. Even in a closed pool, nest pallets stand out due to their consistent quality at high circulation rates – and the attachable skids mean that there are more ways to use them.
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    Pallet Boxes

  • More Mass, More Class
  • It is not always necessary to transport completely packed products. Our high-volume pallet boxes have been recognized as an ideal solution for safe storage and smooth transportation of loose products like vegetables or bulk commodities. They are primarily used in the food industry, agriculture, or industrial production. Another advantage: They mesh extremely well with automated conveying systems.
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