Transair Air System

Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valves, which are controlled via electrical switch signals, are used for the control of compressed air or vacuum. These valves can be controlled directly as well as with pneumatic pilot operation.

Basic Data
  • Nominal diameter: 3 mm Nominal flow rate: 2 m³/h Voltage: 24 V

    Application Areas

  • Inline valve in compact design for control of the vacuum directly on the suction pad.
  • Application

  • Inline valve for deactivation of unused suction pads.
  • Individual control of the suction pads of a “vacuum carpet”, e.g. when picking items from stock.
  • System monitoring in vacuum spiders by active activation and deactivation of suction pads.
  • Design

  • Attachment facility for vacuum sensor.
  • External body made of aluminium (2).
  • Integrated filter (3) for ventilation.
  • 4-pin M8 connector (1).
  • Nominal diameter 3 mm; nominal flow rate 2 m³/h.
  • Your Benefits

  • Individual control of single suction pads.
  • Minimum space requirements; simple installation.
  • Increased functional safety.
  • Improved process reliability and reduced standstill times of vacuum systems.
  • Highlights

  • Direct mounting in a suction pad.
  • Compact construction, simple installation.
  • Integrated filter screen to protect against dirt.
  • Decentralised vacuum control and system monitoring with a valve and an optional Mini-Sensor.