Transair Air System

Non-Return Valves

Non-return valves are used to maintain the vacuum in a circuit in the case of a power failure or if the vacuum generator fails.

Basic Data

  • Nominal diameter: 6 to 54 mm Nominal flow rate: 5 to 350 m³/h Connection thread: G1/4” to G2”

    Application Areas

  • Non-return valve with spring return safeguards the system in case of power failure or failure of the vacuum generator.
  • Application

  • Non-return valve for maintaining the vacuum in the case of a power failure or a failure of the vacuum generator.
  • Can also be used with energy-saving systems when handling non-porous materials.
  • May be installed in any orientation.
  • Design

  • Spring-loaded seat valve.
  • Brass body (RSV 6, which is made of aluminium).
  • Seat made of synthetic rubber, gasket made of nylon.
  • Stainless-steel spring.
  • Your Benefits

  • Closure of the vacuum line in order to maintain the system vacuum in the case, for example, of a power failure.
  • Very low to very high nominal flow rates possible.
  • Also suitable for use in restricted spaces.
  • Highlights

  • Seat-type non-return valve.
  • Wide range of nominal diameters.
  • Very small size.