Transair Air System

Check Valves and Flow Restrictors

Check valves close the vacuum lines of uncovered suction cups. This maintains the system vacuum. Flow restrictors constrict the vacuum line. They are used predominantly in the handling of porous parts.

Basic Data

  • Max. blow-off flow rate: 4.8 to 47.4 m³/h Connection thread: M5 to G1/2”

    Application Areas

  • Check valve for sealing the vacuum line as well as for reduction of the volume flow and maintenance of the vacuum if not all suction pads are covered.
  • Application

  • Check valve for applications where some of the suction pads may not be in contact with the workpiece.
  • Deactivation of unused suction pads, the system vacuum is maintained.
  • Handling of workpieces with varying sizes and shapes with the same gripper system.
  • Design

  • Ball seat valve.
  • Ball in brass seat, installed in a space-saving manner in an aluminium body.
  • On the type SVV, the flow rate can be adjusted continuously with an adjusting screw.
  • Suitable for installation in any orientation.
  • Your Benefits

  • Closing of vacuum lines leading to unused suction pads to maintain the system vacuum.
  • Low leakage rate which can be compensated with the aid of a bypass.
  • Also suitable for use in applications with high nominal flow rates.
  • Can be connected to all common suction pads and plates.
  • Highlights

  • Check valve in the form of a ball seat valve.
  • Reaction dependent on the volume flow rate.
  • Wide range of nominal sizes.
  • Available with male thread at the top (type SVK) or bottom (type SVKG).