Transair Air System

Vacuum Units

The complete unit for handling and clamping tasks, consisting of ejector, reservoir, monitoring and regulation.

Basic Data

  • Suction capacity 69 l/min Max. vacuum 80%

    Application Areas

  • Complete vacuum unit with ejector, pressure-reducing valve and optional pneumatic control.
  • Application

  • Vacuum unit for use as pneumatically driven vacuum generator with internal regulation.
  • Vacuum is generated only when a consumer is connected.
  • Suitable for all vacuum clamping and handling tasks.
  • Construction

  • Brass nozzle system.
  • Steel housing.
  • Safety non-return valve.
  • Manometer.
  • Type VER 15 with internal regulation with the aid of an adjustable pneumatic vacuum switch.
  • Coating RAL 7035.
  • Your Advantages

  • The “stand-alone solution” for universal use in all clamping and handling applications..
  • Economical use in continuous operation: compressed air is switched off when not needed, vacuum is regulated automatically..
  • Highlights

  • Complete vacuum generation system with ejector, monitoring and regulation functions.
  • Internal automatic air-saving function (optional).