Transair Air System

Vacuum Pumps

For high vacuum values with a low volume flow. Oil-lubricated pumps, dry-running pumps and water-ring pumps are available.

Basic Data

  • Suction capacity up to 244 m³/h Max. vacuum 92%

    Application Areas

  • Oil-free vacuum pump with integrated fan, permanently lubricated bearings, dry-running membrane and high efficiency for handling of dense parts.
  • Application

  • Vacuum pump for making the vacuum available in universal use in a wide range of different applications in the sector of manual and automatic handling.
  • Handling of airtight workpieces.
  • Rapid evacuation of vacuum systems.
  • Mobile use for picking up and clamping workpieces (EVE-TR-T).
  • Construction

  • Dry-running vacuum pump, with or without additional filter.
  • Available in versions for single-phase AC, three-phase AC or DC power supplies.
  • Pump available as a multi-cell compressor with very little vibration and constant output or as a compact diaphragm pump.
  • Compact design with integrated cooling fan and permanently lubricated bearings.
  • Mounting holes with integrated damping elements.
  • Should preferably be mounted with the motor shaft horizontal.
  • Coating RAL 7035.
  • Version EVE-TR-T with carrying handle and control cable.
  • Your Advantages

  • Robust and requiring little maintenance.
  • Vibration-free operation and continuous output with little pulsation.
  • Excellent heat dissipation.
  • Suction capacity adaptable to meet customer requirements.
  • Low current consumption, economical continuous operation.
  • Highlights

  • Dry-running (oil-free) vacuum pump.
  • Multi-cell compression principle of the rotary vane pumps.
  • Permanently lubricated bearings and powerful cooling fan.
  • Wide range of models with various outputs.
  • Dry-running rotary vane pump with excellent efficiency.