Transair Air System

Vacuum Centres

The complete unit for handling and clamping tasks, consisting of pump, reservoir, monitoring and regulation.

Basic Data

  • Suction capacity up to 165 m³/h Max. vacuum 98% Reservoir capacity up to 200 l

    Application Areas

  • Vacuum centre with pump, vacuum reservoir and non-return valve as a complete product.
  • Application

  • Vacuum centre for use wherever there is a demand for high performance, safety and reliability.
  • Design

  • Vacuum centre, consisting of vacuum pump, vacuum reservoir, safety non-return valve, filter and manometer.
  • Motor-protection switch and vacuum-regulated motor switch (adjustable) available as options.
  • Coating RAL 7035.
  • Your Benefits

  • Universal use in vacuum clamping and handling applications.
  • Vibration-free operation; continuous output with little pulsation.
  • Optimum protection against short-term leaks and power failures.
  • Economical use in continuous operation due to automatic pump switching and automatic regulation.
  • Highlights

  • Complete solution with pump, reservoir, manometer, filter and (optional) regulation.
  • Integrated dry-running or oil-lubricated vacuum pump.
  • Integrated vacuum reservoir.
  • Internal electrical regulation (automatic energy-saving function, optional).