Transair Air System

Ejectors with Special Design

These ejectors are very different to other series due to their design. A feature of the feed ejectors is their high suction flow which makes them ideal, in particular, for transporting bulk goods. In addition to this, ejectors with active blow-off function, blow-off system and atmospheric ventilation make decentralised vacuum generation directly on the suction cup possible. These ejectors are known for quick lifting and depositing.

Basic Data

  • Suction capacity up to 8,640 l/min Diameter 6 to 75 mm

    Application Areas

  • Ejector with high evacuation volume for applying suction to very porous parts and for transportation of bulk materials.
  • Application

  • Gripping of very porous materials such as foams, textiles, paper and various recycling materials.
  • Conveyance of light solids, such as polystyrene, plastic granulates, rice or other filling materials.
  • Exhaust of non-aggressive vapors and gases.
  • Construction

  • Body made of anodised aluminium.
  • – Straight vacuum passage.

  • Compressed air enters at the side, through an annular gap.
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  • Your Advantages

  • Handling of very porous materials and low-loss transport of bulk goods; high efficiency.
  • Optimum range of sizes for all applications.
  • Highlights

  • Special ejector with straight vacuum passage for very high volume flow rates at low vacuum values.
  • Various models with different performance figures.