Transair Air System

Ejector Modules

An ejector module with efficient eco-nozzle technology for direct integration in existing machine designs. The ejector module can be installed directly on the suction cup due to the minimal space required and low weight. The resistance to dirt and the one-piece nozzle fitting allow for long service intervals as well as simple, quick and tool-free cleaning.

Basic Data

  • Suction rate of up to 309 l/min For airtight or porous workpieces

    Application Areas

  • Efficient ejector with eco nozzle technology for space-saving installation directly on the suction pad or as an insert nozzle.
  • Application

  • Ejector module for energy-efficient vacuum generation with Schmalz eco nozzle technology.
  • Direct installation in gripping tools without separate housing.
  • Integration of the vacuum generation as close as possible to the suction pad.
  • For use in the packaging industry, e.g. in carton erectors or multi-circuit systems.
  • Construction

  • Compact, lightweight plastic ejector nozzle (1).
  • Available in three performance classes and two versions with optimised air consumption for airtight (HV) or porous (HF) materials.
  • Available with optional holder cap SHC (2) for fixation of the ejector nozzle, alternatively with silencer or with ecoPump housing SFE (3).
  • Your advantages

  • Energy-efficient vacuum generation.
  • Fast and reliable product selection for each application.
  • Quickly reaches working vacuum; reliable compensation for leakages.
  • Long service intervals, as well as simple, tool-free cleaning.
  • Can be mounted directly on the suction pad.
  • Fast and easy cleaning.
  • Highlights

  • High suction capacity with low air consumption.
  • Can be used for both airtight (HV) and porous (HF) workpieces.
  • Fast, with powerful vacuum.
  • Resistant to dirt.
  • Lightweight and takes up little space.