Transair Air System

Basic Ejectors

Due to their small size, the basic ejectors can be used even in confined spaces. Due to the simple design with main body, venturi nozzle and silencer, this ejector is low maintenance and wear-resistant. The ejector's lightweight build makes it particularly suited for use in highly dynamic processes.

Basic Data

  • Suction capacity up to 215 l/min Max. vacuum 85% Plastic housing

    Application Areas

  • Compact basic ejector with plastic body for high-speed handling of suction-tight workpieces, especially in systems with decentralised vacuum generation.
  • Application

  • Basic ejector with plastic housing for use in feeder systems.
  • Handling of electronic components.
  • Use in separation systems for plastic and sheet-metal machining.
  • Construction of ejector blocks for decentralised individual control of suction pads.
  • Construction

  • One-piece housing (2) made of light, impact-resistant plastic.
  • Connection of compressed air (5) and vacuum (1) with quick-action push-in coupling (S1 to S3) or threaded holes (G1 to G3).
  • Open silencer (3).
  • Vacuum generator with single nozzle, available in six power ratings, 0.5 to 2.5 mm.
  • Can be fixed horizontal with mounting holes (4) or vertical with the base on a mounting plate.
  • Optional mounting with mounting plate and mounting kit on DIN top-hat rails.
  • Your Advantages

  • Ideal for decentralised vacuum generation in highly dynamic processes.
  • Various power ratings for minimum air consumption.
  • Space-saving and easy to install.
  • Low noise levels and minimum maintenance requirements.
  • Highlights

  • Plastic housing optimised for weight and size.
  • Ejector nozzles with six different power ratings.
  • Connections either with threaded holes or push-in couplings.
  • Open silencer.