Transair Air System

Measuring and Control Devices

Vacuum regulators are mechanically adjustable and compensate for possible pressure variations from vacuum generators. If the input pressure is higher than necessary, this can be reduced to a specific output level with the help of a pressure-reduction valve. Gauges measure and provide an analog display of the vacuum level and can be used in all vacuum applications due to the standard dimensions and connections.


  • Compensation for the pressure variations inherent in vacuum generators.
  • Also suitable for measuring and testing tasks.
  • Design

  • Vacuum regulator in a robust aluminium housing; diaphragm made of FPM.
  • Continuous adjustment with the aid of a spindle.
  • Your Benefits

  • Precise manual adjustment with very good repeatability.
  • Very precise maintenance of the set value, unaffected by pressure variations caused by the vacuum generator.
  • Highlights

  • Mechanically adjustable vacuum regulator.
  • Constant regulation of the vacuum.