Transair Air System

Magnetic Grippers

Magnetic grippers are activated and deactivated by means of compressed air or a vacuum, which means that they can be operated either with pneumatic valves or with a compact ejector. The magnetic field is generated by a permanent magnet, permitting safe gripping of the workpieces. No external supply voltage is required.

Application Areas

  • Special gripper with permanent magnet for safe handling of magnetic workpieces such as perforated metal sheets.
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    Technical information

    • Diameter: 30 to 70 mm

    • Holding force: 35 to 290 N

    Advantages of Magnetic Grippers

  • Permanent magnet ensures safe gripping.
  • No external supply voltage needed for gripping.
  • Gripping can be controlled by compressed air or a combination of compressed air and vacuum.
  • Typical Applications

  • Handling of rough metal sheets, perforated sheets and sheet-metal parts with holes or complex shapes.
  • Support for vacuum gripping systems in applications involving highly dynamic handling of sheet-metal parts.
  • Handling of ferromagnetic workpieces.
  • Construction

  • Robust aluminum housing (2) with permanent magnet (4).
  • Clip-on, easy to replace friction ring (1).
  • Bistable design: the magnet settings “grip” and “release” are maintained in event of power loss.
  • Standard connection threads (5) in top cover.
  • Mounting threads (3) for holder systems HTS on 3 sides.
  • The holder system HTS offers several options for mounting a gripper onto the gripping apparatus; HTS…D version for interlocking and mounting two grippers.
  • SGM-S with piston control for sensor recognition of piston position of the magnetic gripper.
  • Your Advantages

  • No electric power required.
  • Minimal space requirements, low total weight.
  • High shear forces can be achieved.
  • Flexible mounting options.
  • Optimal for oblong workpieces.
  • Recognition of piston position via Hall effect sensor.
  • Highlights

  • Safe gripping by a permanent magnet.
  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • Easily replaceable friction ring.
  • Optional side connection for tooling.
  • Option to interlock two magnetic grippers (HTS…D).
  • Piston control (optional, PNP version with IO-Link).