Transair Air System

Floating Suction Pads

Floating suction cups function according to the Bernoulli principle and enable low-contact handling of thin and sensitive workpieces such as plastic films, paper or solar cells. The floating suction cup generates an air cushion on which the workpiece “floats”. Leakages are compensated for with the help of a high flow rate in order that porous workpieces can also be handled and separated.

Application Areas

  • Floating suction pad for low-contact handling of fragile workpieces such as paper, film, printed circuit boards or wafers and solar cells.
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    Technical information

    • Diameter: 20 to 100 mm

    • Holding force: 2.0 to 55.5 N Rubber buffer on the bottom side of the suction pad

    Advantages of Floating Suction Pads

  • Integrated vacuum generator.
  • Low-contact handling.
  • High volume flow.
  • Reliable separation of thin, porous workpieces.
  • Typical Applications

  • Handling of paper, plastic film, wood veneer, printed circuit boards, wafers and solar cells.
  • Separation of thin, porous workpieces


  • Connection directly via four mounting threads on the top side (1).
  • Vertical compressed-air connections (2).
  • Horizontal compressed air connection (closed with a plug).
  • Anodized aluminum body with integrated Bernoulli nozzle (3).
  • Streaming element (4) in two versions: Standard Flow SF for air-tight workpieces and High Flow HF with higher leakage compensation for porous workpieces.
  • Mark-free rubber buffer of special material HT1 on the bottom side of the suction pad (5).
  • Optional available with central support.
  • Your Advantages

  • Operating without ejector.
  • Low-contact handling.
  • Very good compensation of leakages.
  • Reliable separation of thin, porous workpieces.
  • Absorption of lateral forces.
  • Safe handling of wafer and solar cells.
  • Highlights

  • Integrated vacuum generation on the Bernoulli principle.
  • Suction pad “floats” on an air cushion.
  • High volume flow rate at a low vacuum.
  • No air is drawn through the workpiece.
  • Elastomer buffer made of HT1 on the bottom side.
  • Optional with central support (additional HT1 buffer).