Transair Air System

Composite Gripper SCG

Composite grippers SCG are pneumatically operated special grippers with vacuum generation. They are excellently suited for the handling of sensitive parts.
Because of their high volume flow and the moderate vacuum level, they are excellently suited for the handling of sensitive components.

Advantages of Composite Grippers

  • Secure gripping, even with porous materials or workpiece surfaces that only cover parts of the suction surface.
  • Shortest possible cycle times and accurate positioning.
  • Integrated vacuum generation.
  • High volume flow.
  • Integrated blow-off function.
  • Typical Areas of Application

  • Handling of blank circuit boards.
  • Handling of extremely thin, sensitive components.
  • Handling of porous workpieces.
  • Construction

  • Quick-change contact surfaces (1) with various diameters.
  • Anodised aluminium main body with integrated vacuum generation (2).
  • Base model with capability for axial mounting (MA) or sideways mounting (MS) (3).
  • Controlled exhaust air (4).
  • Two compressed air connections for suction and blow off.
  • Your advantages

  • Prevents the workpiece from being sucked in or damaged.
  • Compact, ready-to-connect gripper unit.
  • Safe gripping, even with porous materials.
  • Low operating costs.
  • No contamination of process area.
  • Flexible mounting possibilities.
  • Highlights

  • Suction surface with suction openings placed close to each other.
  • Integrated vacuum generation.
  • Very high suction rate.
  • High suction rate with minimum air consumption.
  • Controlled air discharge.
  • Axial or sideways mounting of gripper.