Transair Air System

Vacuum End Effectors VEE

Modular systems for designing vacuum end effectors for a wide variety of processes quickly and at low cost. A variety of vacuum feeds and zones, connection elements and suction cup connections may be combined with one another in order to configure the appropriate end effector. The configurator helps with designing the appropriate end effector.

Basic Data

  • 120 VEE components Including eight suction pads SPB4-30 Build up to two turnkey VEE configurations

    Application Areas

  • VEE starter set for configuration of two complete vacuum end effectors with 120 individual components and eight vacuum suction pads of type SPB4-30.
  • Construction

  • Consisting of more than 120 parts.
  • Including 8 vacuum suction pads SPB4-30 for pouches and other flexible packages.
  • Including manual quick-change adapter with bayonet coupling.
  • In sturdy plastic case with detailed assembly instructions.
  • Highlights

  • Starter set in high-quality suitcase including detailed assembly instructions.
  • Set consisting of more than 120 individual parts.
  • Your advantages

  • Simple configuration of a vacuum end effector.
  • Installation of up to two complete vacuum end effectors.