Transair Air System

Sections and Connectors

Aluminium profiles and accessories form a complete modular system with which tailor-made cross-beams can be constructed.

Basic Data

  • Cross-sections: 40 x 40 mm and 40 x 80 mm With 1 or 3 chambers

    Application Areas

  • High-strength aluminium section with accessories for constructing your own load beam with integrated vacuum line.

  • Application

  • Mounting section for flexible construction of tailor-made load cross-beams.
  • Used as load cross-beam and vacuum distributor.
  • Three-chamber section permits distribution of different vacuum and compressed-air pressures.
  • Construction

  • Hollow extruded aluminium sections.
  • 40 x 40 mm section with one chamber (1) and optionally with one or three grooves on the sides (2).
  • 80 x 40 mm section with three chambers (3) and two grooves on the sides.
  • Holes and slots at the ends for assembly with the aid of elbow and corner connectors, sealing plates and other accessories.
  • Your advantages

  • Vacuum/compressed air can be carried directly in the sections.
  • Hose-free, integrated vacuum distribution from a central connection to the individual suction pads.
  • Simple attachment of mounting elements such as holders and plungers.
  • Low weight combined with high load capacity and maximum precision.
  • Complete modular system for the flexible construction of load cross-beams.
  • Highlights

  • Vacuum-tight hollow section with internal chambers.
  • Suction pads can be screwed directly into the sections.
  • Sections with grooved sides.
  • High-strength extruded aluminium sections.
  • Wide range of accessories such as corner connectors, sealing plates, etc.