Transair Air System

Vacuum Filters

Filters are used in order to protect the vacuum generator and the valve from contamination in dusty environments. The filters are installed between the vacuum generator or valve and the suction cup.


  • Vacuum filter for protection of easily damaged vacuum generators (such as pumps and blowers) by filtering the incoming air.
  • For use in dusty surroundings; removal of almost 100% of the dust and dirt.
  • Design

  • Vacuum filter type VF: aluminum filter house, cover screwed on, filter cartridge with wire mesh (VF G1/4F) or paper (VF G3/8F) filter.
  • Vacuum filter type STF N: sheet-steel filter housing, cover clipped on, filter cartridge with special paper filter.
  • Vacuum filter types STF P: plastic filter housing, cover clipped on, with mounting bracket, filter cartridge with special paper filter, large-size connections.
  • Type STF-D P: with additional pressure monitor for measuring the degree of contamination.
  • Your Benefits

  • The right filter for each vacuum generator.
  • Low operating costs, environmentally friendly design.
  • Optimum protection of vacuum generators against dust and dirt.
  • Maximum system availability.
  • Highlights

  • Wide range of sizes with various performance figures.
  • Replaceable filter cartridges.
  • Filter elements with almost 100% removal of dust and dirt.
  • Optionally with monitoring of the degree of contamination of the filter cartridge.