Transair Air System

Vacuum Distributors

Vacuum distributor can be used both with decentralised as well as centralised vacuum generation. In systems with decentralised vacuum generation, compressed air is distributed to the individual ejectors by the distributor. With centralised vacuum generation, the vacuum is distributed by the vacuum generator to the individual suction cups by the distributor.


  • Distribution of vacuum in systems with a central vacuum generator and several suction pads.
  • Distribution of compressed air in systems with several distributed vacuum generators.
  • Design

  • Distributor made of high-strength aluminium with mounting holes.
  • Your Benefits

  • Reduces and optimizes the flow resistance.
  • Permits optimisation for fast evacuation times and low flow resistance.
  • The ideal solution for a complete installation.
  • Highlights

  • Large cross-sections and matched inlets and outlets.
  • Two different sizes available.
  • Sizes matched to other accessories.