Transair Air System

Mach 16

Mach 16 is available in size 1/8" only, versions 5/2 and 5/3 and with pneumatic and solenoid actuation.

The Mach 16 valve is a typical small size valve, only 16 mm wide, with excellent performance 750NL/min flow rate at 6 bar ΔP 1 Bar.

The valve can be used in line, on a panel or on a base (multiple or manifold).

The Mach design is the result of the miniaturisation concept with the same durability, sturdiness and reliability.
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Technical information

  • Valve port head - 1/8"

  • Type of control - M5 pneumatic actuation solenoid/pneumatic operation with integral coil.

  • Maximum outer diameter of gaskets for ports 1-3-5 (15mm)

  • Maximum outer diameter of gaskets for ports 2-4 (15mm)

  • Operating temperature range -10°C to 60 °C

  • Maximum operating pressure - 10 bar

  • Recommended lubricant - ISO & UNI FD22

  • Solenoid pilot - Integrated coil DIN 43650 C shape

  • Number of ways in base - 1-3-5 and pilot exhaust

Technical Detail