Transair Air System

Syntesi Lubricator

The pneumatic lubricator is the simplest way of efficiently lubricating the actuators linked to a circuit.

As compressed air flows towards the lubricator, it encounters a flexible diaphragm which partially blocks the way, creating a small pressure difference between the inlet and outlet air.

ATEX-certified in accordance with 94/9/CE: Ex II 3GD c T5

Being at the higher pressure, the oil in the bowl is pumped through a tube with a filter towards the regulation pin. The quantity of oil can be metered accurately since the drops can be viewed through the

transparent dome.

Filling with oil must take place in the absence of pressure, unscrewing the plug next to the dome.

On the front and back there is a port (1/8″ for size 1 and 1/4″ for size 2) that can be used with pressure gauges, pressure switches or as an additional air intake.

Technical Detail