Transair Air System

Syntesi FIlter Regulator

This device combines in a single unit the functions of filtration, condensate separation and pressure regulation.

It is made up of the same elements forming the filter and the regulator,
so the performance & advantages are the same:

ATEX-certified in accordance with 94/9/CE: Ex II 3GD c T5
  • Separation of condensate and larger liquid and solid particles by centrifugation.
  • Two condensate drain options (RMSA and RA).
  • 360° visually inspection of the condensate level, via transport spy-holes.
  • Rolling diaphragm regulator, allowing maximum precision and flow rate, and minimal friction.
  • Compensation for upstream pressure changes.
  • Pressure relief valve.
  • Quick downstream pressure relief.
  • Padlockable push-lock knob.
  • Front and rear ports for pressure gauges, pressure switches or, considering the high flow rate, for use as additional filtered and regulated air take-off.
  • Technical Detail