Transair Air System

Skillair Lubricator

High-performance mist lubricator in various versions.

  • Activation guaranteed at low flows
  • High ratio of quantity of lubricant to air flow
  • Various oil filling configurations.

    The pneumatic skillair lubricator is the simplest way of properly lubrication actuators connected to a circuit.
    As air flows from the mains through the lubricator, it encounters the diaphragm which obstruct the flow and the air is force through the Venturi tube.
    The inside of the Venturi tube is connected to the inspection dome, which connects with the bowl via a tube with a regulating needle in between. The drop in pressure caused by the Venturi tube sucks up air through the dome, the tube and lastly into the bowl containing oil.
    The quantity of oil controlled by the regulating needle then flows back from the bowl to the circuit.
  • Technical Detail