Transair Air System

Skillair Filter

Filter with different degrees of impurity treatment and high performance:

  • Minimum load loss with changes in flow rate.
  • Maximum degree of condensate separation.
  • 360° condensate level display.
  • Semi-auto or auto condensate drain.

  • The job of the Skillair filter is to remove any solid or liquid impurities from the air generated by the compressor.
    The centrifuge unit rotates incoming air. The heaviest liquid and solid particles are projected against the walls of the container and forced to adhere to it. As they accumulate they form drops that deposit on the bottom

    of the gravity.

    The remaining solid particles are held back by the porous element depending on the filtering threshold. The condensate accumulation area is kept still to prevent previously deposited impurities from being re-circulated.

    The accumulated condensate is drained out through the drain – automatically when there is no pressure in the filter, or by hand pressing the button. An automatic drain is available. It automatically eliminates condensate from the container whenever necessary, whatever the pressure.

    Technical Detail