Transair Air System

Bit Regulator

This micro-regulator uses a rolling diaphragm and uses a preset pressure stability system with a varying pressure level in the upstream setting.
This works with fewer pressure drops and a stronger overpressure exhaust rating.
This can be mounted between a supply valve and a point of use.

Version Available:
  • Bit for Water: used to regulate the pressure in water circuits; without blowoff valve.
  • Bit FC: controlled relief to allow greater accuracy in regulation by means of slight continuos air relief.
  • Bit SR: for use when the downstream circuit needs to be relieved quickly as the upstream pressure drops. Mount the SR regulator between the power supply valve and the point of use.

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    Technical information

    • Type - Membrane

    • Number of stages - single-stage

    • Pressure: - Min.: 1 Pa (0 psi), Max.: 13 Pa (0 psi)

    Technical Detail