Transair Air System

Warehouse Partition

Axelent is one of the market’s leading brands of mesh panels for industry and warehouse environments.

Axelent’s warehouse partitioning systems are developed and manufactured to satisfy all the requirements that are today placed on practical warehouse partitioning systems. Excellent safety
characteristics in the different systems are naturally a matter of course. As such, our mesh wall systems fulfill the EN standard that apply to this category of protection.

Besides safety it is important that your mesh wall system also functions as smoothly as possible. The idea behind our Store system is that it should facilitate all work that takes place both inside and outside the mesh walls. For maximum function we

recommend that you also take a look at our range of accessories.

Axelent’s warehouse partitioning systems are built standardised as modular panels, posts and colours. This ensures that you can seamlessly complement existing protection as is required. You will
also discover how easy it is to assemble our products. Not least thanks to our user friendly assembly instructions.
Smooth and easy handling, together with speed of delivery and assembly ensure that you always obtain a good total economy when you choose Axelent’s warehouse partitioning systems.

Four different systems
Axelent’s warehouse partitioning systems are divided into four complete systems that are all known as Store systems: SafeStore, FlexiStore, ShelfStore and StoreRoom. Which one you choose depends on your particular requirements. We are very willing to guide you in your selection.
We ensure that all our standard-colour warehouse
partitioning systems are kept in stock.