Transair Air System

Store Room Walls

The type of storeroom system you choose depends on the demands you put on security and screening. We offer three different systems: F, FK and FP

All our storerooms have strengthened door constructions and can be equipped with a mesh ceiling for ceiling heights exceeding 3.2 metres.The current burglary prevention norms demand a maximum of 10-15 cm between the storeroom wall and ceiling. Our upper sections enable us to tailor the storeroom walls to the space available, thus fulfilling the building norms. We can deliver for most ceiling heights.

Cut and ready to install
The F and FK systems can be cut to the required height.

We use a U section at the top tob make it easy to adapt to all types of apartment storerooms.

Combine for different needs
The different systems can be combined when necessary.

A complete door without a door sill
Doors are delivered complete to make the installation as smooth as possible.

Our apartment storerooms are also disabled-friendly because we use flat steel instead of a door sill.

Light grey standard color
All our storeroom walls and posts are painted in light grey RAL 9018. The light grey gives a fresher impression as storerooms are normally located in dark places like cellars and attics.