Transair Air System

Accident Prevention

Build new, modify or expand. And do so simply, safely and economically with Axelent FlexiGuard " the accident prevention mesh wall that offers almost unlimited potential in the way that the elements can be combined and used.

With Mesh aperture of cc 51 x 31 mm, FlexiGuard not only provides very safe shielding, but also means that you can reduce the safety distance to moving parts to as little as 200 mm, thereby saving space. The FlexiGuard panels are available in three heights (1300, 1900 and 2200 mm) and numerous widths.

We also offer a cutting package so you can ensure that your mesh walls suit precisely your particular needs, both horizontally and vertically. And if you require special plastic or sheet metal panels we have these as well. Simply add the appropriate door package, lock and accessories to FlexiGuard. The result is a very flexible and highly practical accident prevention mesh wall. Similarly to our other products, FlexiGuard is delivered wrapped on specially-adapted pallets direct from Axelent stores in Hillerstorp, Sweden.

Axelent’s plastic and sheet metal system also belongs to the FlexiGuard group. The system can be combined

with FlexiGuard and FlexiStore. The plastic and sheet metal system is easy to assemble and you can use the same posts and door packages as for our other mesh wall products. The versatility of our systems means that you can combine plastic, sheet metal and mesh according to your particular requirements. To avoid gaps between the different sections, we recommend that you use our specially adapted sheet metal strip.

The plastic and sheet metal system is available in two heights: 1100 and 2200 mm, as well as in four standard widths. The system is heat-resistant up to 60 degrees centigrade. If you would like coloured plastic to protect against, e.g. weld flash, we can of course supply this. Our coloured plastic complies with fire standard UL94 V0 and also EN 1598. Similarly to our other products, the plastic and sheet metal sections are delivered carefully wrapped on special pallets directly from our stores in Hillerstorp, Sweden.


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