Transair Air System

Talustech TN3939

Talustech TN3939 is a 'Crossbraid' constructed packing. Manufactured from innocent re-inforced pure expanded graphite. Also contains corrosion inhibitors which enables the packing to be used in contact with Stainless Steel. high thermal conductivity, self lubrication and rapid heat dissipation are just three of the advantages of using Talustech 3939.


Petrochemicals, refineries, power stations, steel works (any steam valves).

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Technical information

  • Maximum Temperature Range in Air: 500ºC

  • Maximum Temperature Range in Steam: 650ºC

  • Maximum Temperature Range in Inert Gas Conditions:3000ºC

  • Maximum Temperature Range in oxidising conditions: 500ºC

  • Pressure: 350 bar (500 bar specific conditions)

  • pH: 0-14

  • Speed: 2m/s

Technical Detail