Transair Air System

Talustech TN3131

Talustech TN3131 is manufactured from 99% pure, exfoliated graphite tape and contains no binders, lubricant or other additives. It is a crimped tape on a roll, supplied in various widths from 6.5 to 25mm for in-situ packing of pumps and valves.

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Technical information

  • Maximum Temperature Range in air: 500ºC

  • Maximum Temperature Range in Steam: 650ºC

  • Maximum Temperature Range in Inert Gas Conditions: 3,000ºC

  • Maximum Temperature Range in oxidising conditions: 5,000ºC

  • Pressure: 350 bar

  • Speed: 30m/s

  • pH: 0-14


High thermal conductivity and low coefficient of friction.


Talustech TN3131 exhibits a high resistance to most reagents, for example: organic and organic acids and bases, alkalis, solvents, steam, steam condensator, hot oils and waxes. Exceptions are concentrated nitric acid, high concentrated sulphuric acid, chronic acid, permanganate solutions and molten alkali metals.


Pumps, valves, agitators, static. Steam, water, oils, solvents, alkalis and acids, with the exception of strong oxidising agents.


In the range of 0 -14 pH is chemically inert. Suitable for solvents, alkalis and acids, with the exception of strong oxidising agents.


All sections from 8mm to 20mm are generally available from stock. The lenght is 15m.

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