Transair Air System

Talustech TN3838

Talustech TN3838 is a 'Crossbraid' constructed packing, manufactured from exfoliated graphite also incorporating corrosion inhibitors, high thermal conductivity, self lubrication and rapid heat dissipation are major advantages of this packing.

- Rotary
- Reciprocating anti-static high temperature pump and valves
- Suitable media steam, water, hot oils, solvent, hydrocarbon, alkalis and acids with the exception of strong oxidising agents.
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Technical information

  • Maximum Temperature in air: 500ºC

  • Maximum Temperature in steam: 650ºC

  • Maximum Temperature in inert gas conditions: 3,000ºC

  • Pressure: 300 bar

  • pH: 0-14

  • Speed: 25 m/s

Technical Detail