Transair Air System

Beldam Pilotpack 3480

Beldam Pilotpack 3480 has been developed as a high speed packing and is plaited from high tensile strength PTFE which incorporates high quality graphite and additional lubricant. This makes suitable for working at very high pressure with normal gland clearance. The graphite and additional lubricant gives improved thermal conductivity and low coefficient of friction, thus making it suitable for use at high shaft speeds. There is rapid heat transfer from the rubbing face of the packing and this not only increases the working life but means that the frequency of adjustment and shaft abrasion are kept to a minimum. Beldam Pilotpack 3480 is listed by the United Kingdom Water Fitting Bylaw Scheme - Ref No. 9909508.


- Rotary, reciprocating and static
- Designed as a high speed pump packing but can be used for reciprocating pumps and valves
- Acids, Alkalis, oils, solvents and all chemicals with the exception of fluorine, molten alkali metals, hot fuming nitric acid, ammonium nitrate or oxygen
- Petroleum products.


In the range of 1 -14 pH is chemically inert & suitable for steam but could not be used with fluorine, molted alkali metals, hot fuming nitric acid, ammonium nitrile, oxygen rich environments.


all square sections from 3mm (1/8″) to 25mm (1″) are generally available from stock.

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Technical information

  • Maximum Temperature Range: 290ºC

  • Pressure: 350 bar

  • Speed: 25 m/s

  • pH: 0-14.

Technical Detail